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Zircon Corporation is always striving to bring you the best products available today. We are pleased to introduce a new, improved version of our popular Astrocure® P-88. After extensive testing in our labs, we now offer Astrocure® P-88Z, our newest adhesion promoter.

Astrocure® P-88Z is comparable in every way to Astrocure® P-88, but it features higher tensile adhesion values with the cured Astrocure® 1000G (10G) interlayer between the glass. It is crystal clear with low odor. WE believe you will find it superior to any other adhesion promoting product for all your glass lamination needs.

Astrocure® P-88Z is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon quantities. To inquire about availability and pricing, please call, fax, or email us.

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Hurricane Resistant Windows

Astrocure® 5000G resin has been approved by Dade County as an interlayer in the fabrication of Hurricane Resistant Glass. Configurations vary, but the Astrocure® 5000G is used as an adhesive holding together glass and polycarbonate. Our laminate composite easily passes both large and small missile impact tests and has successfully completed the cycling test of ± 160 psi at 1,800 cycles. Hurricane Resistant Glass made with Zircon's Astrocure® 500G can be fabricated continuously or as required for specialty orders.