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Zircon supplies a number of unique cycloaliphatic ultra-violet curable base resins and oligomers. These resins are non-aromatic and chemically non-acrylic. They have low profile characteristics, excellent weathering and superior adhesion properties to a variety of substrates. Current applications include:

  • Wood
  • Graphic Arts
  • Metal Deco
  • Plastic Coatings
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I.      Physical property/ultra-violet radiation color resistance/cost

The Astrocure oligomer thinned with acrylated monomers can produce coatings that have excellent hardness, have resistance to yellowing with time, and at reduced resin costs.

II.     Air Drying Properties

Unlike conventional polyesters and acrylates, these cycloaliphatics behave as alkyds.  They will cure in air.

III.     Surfactant Properties

Products based on Zircon oligomers will accept solids and inks without excessive viscosity build-up (excellent pigmentability).  Wood penetration, by these types of resins, seal the wood without bleed back.

IV.      Low Shrinkage and Adhesion

These properties allow coatings made with Zircon resin to have excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

V.        Chemical and Aqueous Resistance

Due to the extreme hydrophobic nature of cure coatings made with Zircon U.V. cured resins, said coatings have excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemical and aqueous environments.

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