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Incorporated in 1992, Zircon Corporation was founded by Dr. Charles Edward Bayha to market and commercialize novel and unique products developed in the research laboratories of Alpha Corporation (Alpha/Owens Corning).

Dr. Charles Edward Bayha

These products have applications in many diverse industries.

Polymeric resins were developed for the ultra-violet cure coatings industry in wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic substrates. These resins offer compelling application and coatings properties, not found in conventional coatings, at highly competitive pricing.

Additive agents were developed for non-aqueous air release, surface filler wet out for viscosity reduction, vapor emission reduction, and coatings leveling properties.

Zircon's most ambitious program has been the development of liquid products for applications in the production of variousglass lamination processes.

In 1989, Zircon, as a division of Alpha Corporation (Alpha/Owens Corning), was the first company to have the Safety Glass Certification Council approval for 16 CFR, 1201 category II impact testing for production of laminated glass using the Cold Cure Liquid Glass Lamination Process. Zircon has the only liquid resin that produces glass laminates capable of withstanding 10,000 hours in the Q.U.V. weather testing without yellowing, delamination, or clouding.

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Zircon now supplies a variety of resins designed for the specific application needs of pur customers. "One size does not fit all!" Zircon can sell the resin system, as a package or make available the sources for the various components or equipment. These resins are currently being used in a variety of diverse applications including:

  • high rise buildings
  • general safety applications
  • bullet and hurricane resistant windows
  • sound deadening
  • solar
  • decorative applications

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Zircon also sells ten different dyes, seven diferent color pigments, and ten different pearlescent fillers all designed to be used in conjunction with Zircon resins.

In addition, Zircon supplies liquid sealers for etched glass protection.

Personnel at ZIrcon are available to answer any and all questions concerning the use of Zircon resins in the fabrication of specific laminates. Since Dr. Bayha, personally, developed these resins, he knows every minute detail of each and every one and can explain how to use them to their fullest production capabilities.